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A woman treating herself with Low-level laser therapy

Low-level laser therapy(LLLT) now in Phoenix, Arizona!

Exciting news, we have added a new portable electric stim and low-level laser therapy combination unit! These Services at Petkov Therapy are covered by Medicare and all other insurances

August 3 2022

A physiotherapist treating a man

The different types of shoulder problems

What are the Different Types of Shoulder Problems? And what are the Treatments of the Shoulder Problems?

August 3 2022

A man doing squat

Do more squats! Fall prevention tip by physical therapist

Falls are a major health issue in elderly people and an important cause of bone fractures, disability, and mortality. The research study states that weakness of quadriceps muscles and age >70 years were independently associated with falls.

August 3 2022

A physiotherapist doing in-home physiotherapy


Requesting for at-home physiotherapy is becoming quite the norm today. It is recommended for patients with serious conditions that put them at risk when they have to travel to a physiotherapy clinic. In these kinds of situations, it is preferable that the therapist travel to the patient instead of the other way around.

August 3 2022

A man running for good health

5 answers about Occupational Therapy by a physical therapist

Rumy Petkov, OT is an occupational therapist and owner of Petkov Bodywork Therapy. His business provides Medicare beneficiaries with in-home fall prevention and fall recovery rehabilitation.

August 3 2022

A physiotherapist and an old man

Mobile Therapy: Outpatient Therapy Services in the Home

What is Mobile Outpatient Therapy? Mobile therapy is for anyone that may have limitations on ability to attend in clinic treatment sessions.

August 3 2022

A man feeling a stroke

The Ultimate Guide to Strokes - The Impact of a Stroke

A stroke is a medical emergency. The impact of a stroke will depend on the level of damage that has been done to brain cells. A severe stroke can cause physical disablement, mental impairment and in the worst cases sudden death.

August 3 2022

Stroke effect in a body

Stroke Condition: What You Need to Know

Stroke is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Strokes are also one of the leading causes of disability in adults, with stroke survivors often experiencing long-term physical and/or mental impairment.

August 3 2022

An old man and a physiotherapist, stroke recovery

The Necessary Part of your Stroke Recovery Process

The in-home physical therapist or occupational therapist will come to your home and provide treatments in a safe, private setting.

August 3 2022

A woman working with bodyblade

Physical Therapy Tools: The BodyBlade

This unique tool can be used to enhance your in home physical therapy services to increase core strength, balance, coordination, mobility and overall confidence to reduce risks of falls.

August 3 2022

A Man falling

Home modifications to prevent falls for senior populations in their homes.

In this writing, we will talk about falls and their consequences, and discuss some tips and measures on how to prevent falls for the senior population in their homes primarily targeting the elderly group in Arizona

August 3 2022

6 simple home exercises that could be done at your home

6 simple home exercises that could be done at your home

Created by Rumy Petkov, physical and occupational therapist from Arizona

August 5 2022

A physiotherapist trating an old lady

In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

In-home therapy allows patients to recover from a recent injury or disease in their comfortable homes. A highly trained physical therapist will check and let you know about your condition. He offers you and works with you to achieve the goals of the treatment plan.

August 5 2022

A physiotherapist lady interacting with an old couple

What is Mobile Physical Therapy, and How does it Impact One’s Health?

When your life becomes too hectic to handle, and that internal muscular injury gets no opportunity to heal by itself, then the time calls for a- “A Physical therapy”. But, imagine if you can’t even afford the time to stop by the Physiotherapist’s clinic, what then?

August 5 2022