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What is Mobile Physical Therapy, and How does it Impact One’s Health?

When your life becomes too hectic to handle, and that internal muscular injury gets no opportunity to heal by itself, then the time calls for a- “A Physical therapy”. But, imagine if you can’t even afford the time to stop by the Physiotherapist’s clinic, what then? Now, this hurdle in your physiological wellness is quite a problem! Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that too- “Mobile Physical Therapy”. Yes, a solution that doesn’t even urge you to report to the clinic for the physical therapy is now available in your city- Petkov Body Work Therapy.

Petkov Bodywork Therapy is home to the best Mobile Physical Therapy for adults, middle-aged or senior citizens of Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, West Valley of Arizona, and the surrounding communities. But, what is Mobile Physical Therapy, what does it do, and why do you need it? Keep reading further to know!

What is Mobile Physical Therapy

Mobile Physical Therapy is a mode of Physical therapy services in which, the Physiotherapist is brought to your home! In-Home Physical Therapy is a revolutionary alternative to the physical therapies given at the clinics. While giving you In-home physical therapy, your physical therapist assists you in achieving your physical wellness from the comfort of your home, and you are given undeterred; one-on-one attention while performing the practices. The sessions of the in-home physical therapy are arranged as per your convenience and the longevity of the sessions is decided as per your physical wellness needs. The best part about Mobile Physical Therapies is that this allows you to have a customized physical therapy program just for you!

How does Mobile Physical Therapy Impacts Health

Having a customized plan for physical therapy plus a personal trainer to assist you in that therapy program can help you to achieve an improved level of functioning. And Mobile Physical Therapy allows you to have both (the physical therapy and a person to assist you with it) from the comfort of your home! Mobile Physical Therapy doesn’t change the core procedure of physical therapy it only changes the place where you are practicing the physical therapies. So, let’s look at the impact of Mobile Physical Therapy on health-

  • Mobile Physical Therapy helps you to eliminate pain
  • It is an effective alternative to surgical methods in case of a muscular injury
  • Mobile Physical Therapy helps in improving mobility
  • It helps in improving your balance and prevents you from fall
  • Also helpful in managing age-related issues.

What is included in Petkov’s Mobile Physical Therapy Services?

When talking about the quickest and most reliable Occupational Physical Therapy for adults, middle-aged or senior citizens in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, West Valley of Arizona, and the surrounding communities, there is no better name than Petkov Bodywork Therapy! Petkov brings advanced physical therapy services to your home! The physiotherapists at Petkov’s are certified Physiotherapists who bring home, the following solutions!

  1. In Home Physical Therapy: Through In-home Physical Therapy, Petkov helps middle-aged and senior patients to improve motion and mobility. In the In-Home Physical Therapy, the physiotherapists treat Neurological disorders, Arthritis, Spinal cord-related injury, balance disorders, Hand and arm sprain, and other fractures. The outcomes of In-home Physical therapy through Petkov have been shown to improve productivity, decrease fatigue and heal musculoskeletal injuries.
  2. In-Home Occupational Therapy:   Petkov’s In Home Occupational Services will enable you to live life to its fullest! In this mobile physical therapy, the physiotherapist at Petkov assists you in making small motor movements such as grasping. Home Occupational Therapy treats the patient’s musculoskeletal injuries and is very beneficial mobile physical therapy to treat physiological problems related to mobility.
  3. Special for Seniors:   Senior aged people are greater children than the children themselves! Thus, we hold a special place for the oldies! Through our “Special for Seniors Mobile Physical Therapy” services, we help the senior citizens to be physically stable while struggling with the diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, etc.
  4. Manual Therapy: Through Manual Therapy, we help the patients to be physically fit manually. The therapy’s name itself suggests that no machines are used in this therapy procedure. Generally, through Manual Therapy our physiotherapist treats soft tissue to reduce pain in the muscles and tissues and heal the internal injuries.
  5. Fall Prevention: According to a study by the National Council of Aging, 35% of all Americans above the age of 65 faces a fall every year. Petkov’s physical therapists use a wide range of fall prevention services to help the people in their old age in maintaining balance and preventing falls.
  6. Therapeutic Exercise: The exercises that are designed specially to restore flexibility are provided as services under therapeutic exercise at Petkov Bodywork Therapy. At Petkov, the physiotherapists provide therapeutic exercises as physical therapy to monitor and restore flexibility and heal the internal injuries of muscles.


Being able to reach the physiotherapist’s clinic every day may not be a good idea for many but, what if the physiotherapist comes to you every day with all the requirements? What if you get a customized physical therapy plan along with the pieces of machinery and a personal trainer? Well, it is possible and convenient too! As convenient as being fit without fail seems in this way! All you have to do is- Give us a call now!

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